Chewing Gum: Good or Bad?

Is chewing gum good for your teeth? Studies have shown that chewing sugar-free gum for about 20 minutes after eating may help prevent cavities. How is this possible?   Saliva is your body’s first defense against cavities. Chewing sugar-free gum stimulates saliva production, allowing it to wash away the sugars and food particles left in… Read more »

What are the Signs of a Cavity

Had you heard that there are a number of things you should do if you’re hoping to protect your oral health? For instance, you might know that you’ll need to brush, floss, and visit our team regularly.  We usually suggest scheduling two appointments with us each year. During these appointments, we might spot issues you… Read more »

Tips on Keeping a Strong and Healthy Smile While You’re Active

Did you know your smile could be in danger while you play sports and activities? Well, it’s true. This means you need to keep your smile in mind while you are active. This will help you maintain the top-notch oral health and smile you deserve. To help you take good care of your teeth and… Read more »

The Tools You Need to Achieve a Strong and Healthy Smile

Do you ever wonder what it takes to achieve a strong and healthy smile? If so, you’re already on the pathway to success. However, our dental team would like to help you reach your smile goal by giving you the information you need. In order to have a strong and healthy smile, you need to… Read more »

How to Spend This New Year with a New Smile

What better time to work toward your perfect smile than the beginning of a new year, right? Right! If you wish you had a more beautiful and attractive smile, now is the time to take the first step in your smile transformation. Here are some things our dental team recommends doing: Take advantage of teeth… Read more »

Regular Cleaning vs Periodontal Maintenance

Patients often ask why they are having “Periodontal Maintenance” when all they want is to have their teeth cleaned. If your dentist or hygienist has recommended that you be scheduled for Periodontal Maintenance, or if you have noticed that there is a difference in billing for these procedures, here is a brief explanation:Prophylaxis, or Regular… Read more »

Cigarettes and Your Teeth

Do you ever wonder what you could do—or avoid doing—to keep your teeth healthy? You should of course avoid certain sugary foods and drinks and you should keep your teeth clean, but did you know that smoking will impact your pearly whites? Sadly, smoking can actually cause a number of serious issues for your oral… Read more »

Does Nail Biting Hurt Your Teeth?

You may think biting your nails only affects your nails, but did you know that chewing your nails can actually damage your teeth? Fortunately, your nails can grow back, but the damage to your teeth may need professional help before it can be reversed. Your nails are the dirtiest part of your hands and are… Read more »

Oral Hygiene: The Four Reasons Why You Should Floss Your Teeth

Your smile needs to be flossed at least once a day, but do you ever wonder why? If so, our team is more than happy to tell you! There are many reasons why flossing is vital for your oral health, and four of those reasons are: Reason No. 1: Plaque acts quickly Plaque can begin… Read more »

What You Should Know About Your Bleeding Gums

Many people think that bleeding gums aren’t a big deal. Several people seem to ignore them entirely. Unfortunately, bleeding gums aren’t normal and could actually be a sign of significant problems. However, please don’t misunderstand—bleeding gums might not always be a sign of trouble. For example, your gums might bleed if you have just started… Read more »