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Cracking a tooth is not something you want to experience in your lifetime, especially more than once. It is especially problematic if the cracked tooth is so severe that is compromises your oral health and could result in the loss of the tooth. In the case of a badly cracked tooth, we can provide many tooth restoration options, including placing a dental bridge.

If needed, Dr. Madhavi V. Kadiyala, DDS can place a custom-made dental bridge in the gap left by the cracked tooth in order to restore your smile to its original appearance and health. A dental bridge is a single dental appliance designed to replicate the appearance of a tooth crown. It attaches to your smile by fusing to a pair of crowns on either side that cover the abutments formed from teeth that neighbor the gap.

Our skilled dentist creates the abutments from these teeth by removing the enamel layer. Then, we create a detailed impression of the area, such as the abutments and any nearby relevant teeth that will help our dental lab design the look and shape of your new dental bridge.

While the bridge is under construction, we can protect your abutments by cementing hard, plastic crowns over the structure until the lab technicians have sent the new dental bridge to our office. With the bridge complete, we can arrange your final appointment to have the bridge cemented in place of the temporary crowns. By the end of the procedure, you can have your smile again!

If you are thinking about receiving a dental bridge in Plainsboro, New Jersey, to solve the issue of cracked teeth, call Dental Illuminations today at 609-275-9688 to schedule an appointment with our Dentist.